Wireless Maingate: The M2M Pioneers

Posted by admin on November 21, 2011

By working with chosen vertical partners Wireless Maingate have gained a level of knowledge crucial in all aspect of key customer business. Wireless Maingate know what you need to know, right now…

Wireless Maingate is one of the leading independent M2M service providers in the world and have, during 13 years of focused work within the field, become an outstanding partner for all its existing customers.

This has also changed the way Wireless Maingate views the M2M world. By being in the foreground of innovation and delivery capabilities, Wireless Maingate has become involved in several large-scale projects where the definition of M2M will change.

“We are no longer talking about products online and ‘how’ to do it, we are more focusing on the value it brings and ‘why’ enterprise should do it. By understanding the ‘why’ we can implement and measure the value for our customers. Obviously we understand the ‘how’, but that is part of our core business anyway,” says Baard Eilertsen, CEO at Wireless Maingate.

“We could never do this unless we had very deep knowledge about our customers’ business and the value chain of their business segments. It has taken many years to gain this knowledge but we see that it is paying off. The specific knowledge we currently have has actually given us several contracts within our customers’ strategy development and implementation of such. That is the ultimate proof that we have focused on the right things – how to improve our customers’ business,” continues Eilertsen.

Case study: E.ON Sweden
The project for E.ON Sweden started in the beginning of 2010 focusing on, ‘finding the best solution to gain real-time analysis of energy consumption and create an awareness of consumption behaviour.’

Wireless Maingate and E.ON shared a 50/50 cost based project and by July 2010 the first pilot was up and running with all top executives within E.ON Sweden monitoring progress.

The solution is one of a kind and is a combination of core knowledge between Wireless Maingate and E.ON. “We have taken the absolute best of both worlds, added a few technological elements, and developed our own product where we couldn’t one from a suitable third party. We then assembled it into an end-to-end service for all E.ON customers. The challenge has been to measure energy usage and present the readings in real-time through several medias. The medias used are: in-house display, an iPhone app and on E.ON customer WEB, all in real-time,” says Eilertsen.

The product launch was at the beginning of December and currently 20,000 customers have an opportunity to be the first to start using the solution.

What Wireless Maingate expects of the solution is to gain the awareness of consumer behaviour and to understand how their energy consumption could be more efficient. It’ll also enable them to understand how consumers can act to lower their energy dependence and save money.

Road map
“It is all about understanding what energy is and how it is used. We know that electricity prices are rapidly increasing while at the same time our need for electricity is also increasing – leading to increased living costs. At the same time utilities providers, like E.ON, see that there is a need to improve their dialogue with the end-consumer to gain a better understanding of how consumption can be more efficient in the smart grid technologies of the future. Wireless Maingate has taken the first step in creating this for both the consumer and for E.ON,” says Eilertsen.

The first step is taken, but the solution is currently divided into eight releases within the development road map.

“Wireless Maingate and E.ON understand that we could not develop and release a product that will solve all future issues within energy efficiency, so what we did was agree on where to start and then start planning a road map approach in developing the solution in the coming years. This is also part of engaging the E.ON customers in the development planning ensuring a high rate of active customers to interact with. The solution is built in such a way that we can add services during the process. Furthermore, with the Apps technology, we also have access to the update services of iTunes to spread more advanced services. The ultimate goal is the Smart Energy Home where we all can remotely monitor and control our domestic environments and usage of energy,” says Eilertsen.

“This proves that we are very much in the foreground of innovation and that our knowledge is used at the absolute peak of current M2M optimisation. It is also why Wireless Maingate is now moving into a new arena and defining a new position for the company where machine-to-human technology will be the main focus.

“Another reason is that we see that all major operators in the world are now launching their M2M strategies and while we see that they are trying to create a trustworthy market message we take our 13 years of experience and customer understanding to the next level. We may make machines communicate, but importantly we make sure that we have a human element central to our thinking and development. Because without the human interface we will never be able to create real value,” says Eilertsen.

Paradigm shift
In general there is a slow but ongoing paradigm shift of industrial enterprise business models. The need and value of always having access to accurate information is challenging the way large manufacturing companies handle information from their devices.

“Maingate aim to close the gap,” says Patrick Isacson, Senior VP Industry of Maingate. “We consider M2M to be an infrastructure of information. There are so many operators out there today offering the theoretical opportunity to connect. Customers don’t need that – they need information.

“We don’t talk technique – we talk functions. We don’t talk know-how – we talk know-why. We don’t talk total cost of ownership – we talk total value of function. We have a crystal clear vision of the purpose of data, wherever and however it is produced, Maingate will bring the information in a proper way – and make it useful.”

Leading operators on the M2M market forecast 50 billion connected devices by 2020. The current market growth is over 20 per cent. “M2M is the single most important application for industrial remote data handling and the second most important way of handling information next to internet,” Patrick continues. “By constantly pushing the boundaries of interaction and by humanising machines, Maingate will have an important and influential position within this field of development.”